America’s Small Business Institute

More than 10 years ago, my partner Larry Hughes and I committed to solving a problem: Why do 90% of small businesses fail?

This effort resulted in our book, Small Business 1.0, in which we identify all the pieces of the small-business puzzle and show how they connect, interact, and evolve.

Based on experience in our own small businesses, with our small-business clients, and on our beta-test sites, we’ve concluded that most small businesses can function even if they can’t fit together many pieces of the puzzle. But at some critical point in its relatively early life, the business either attends to the ignored or deferred pieces and reaches its potential, or fails in the process. As we know, the vast majority fail.

Connecting and integrating dissimilar elements isn’t easy, and trying to do this in isolation presents even more of a challenge, even for the best of us.

Thus, we created America’s Small Business Institute. There, Larry and I each post two blogs a week, discussing the pieces, puzzle, and process. You can access the most recent blogs via the feed at the left, or go direct to the site by clicking here.