In addition to insurance and employee-benefit services, the LaTourrette Agency can assist small businesses with the following:


Employees are the most valuable asset in every small business.

Employees have rights, employers have responsibilities, and the government enacts laws to solve perceived problems in the labor market.

Rights, responsibilities, and laws profoundly impact small business. The volume and complexity of governmental mandates are overwhelming and stifling; these outside forces create internal tension between employer and employee.


Employee benefits are among the strongest tools for increasing productivity and, therefore, profitability in a small business.

The Affordable Care Act has complicated the benefits equation for most employers. However, creatively dealing with the ACA’s changes can mitigate its negative impact on profitability.


The Nevada area is starting to witness a paradigm shift. Dynamic large employers (Apple, Tesla, Switch) arriving in the state offer rich benefit and incentive packages that threaten many small employers, who lack a plan to confront this issue.


The LaTourrette Agency has the experience and expertise to facilitate positive results when it comes to the compliance, profitability, and growth issues, and their costs, that confront every small business.